Policies and Submission Guidelines

We read and review primarily young adult books.  Though occasionally we will review various classics, and adult books.  Honesty is our policy.  We like to keep it classy.  Which means that we keep our language clean and appropriate for the books that we're reviewing.  We are not paid, nor will we accept money in order to sway our opinion about a book.

We prefer published sources (both standard and electronic) but are willing to read self-published books.  However, we hold self-published books to the same standards as published books. Please don't send us a draft of your story, we are not editors, we are reviewers.

All of our reviews are posted to this site and goodreads.

For more information on the format of both printed and electronic book submissions we accept please carefully read the following.

Printed Book Submissions
We accept printed books from self-published and standard publishing sources.  For more information on where to send your book please e-mail thepiebookery@gmail.com with the authors name, genre, publisher, and when you would like us to have it reviewed by.  We do not return ARC's and we are not responsible for postage.  We are based in the Western United States.

Electronic Book Submissions
We gladly accept ebooks from both publishing houses and self-published sources.  However, if you are coming from a self-published background please know that we are committed to holding you to the same standards as published books.  Do not send us drafts of your book. If you are self-published please send us a one paragraph summary of your book along with what genre you consider it to be.  We each own kindles and accept books in both .mobi and .pdf format.  For more information on which device to send your e-book to please e-mail thepiebookery@gmail.com; with the genre, a cover shot, and when you would like to have your book read and reviewed by.

We also each have netgalley accounts.

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