Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cover Loving 1st Edition

Okay, so came up with this idea.  None of us know I'm Loving Books, or their reviewer (though Hopeless subscribes to her mailing list)  Anyways: this idea is hers.  Well, the idea behind our idea which is slightly (just slightly) different, is from her.  Basically we're going to post one cover each (from anytime) and then state why we like said cover.  Truly Becoming, is, unfortunately dealing with school stuff so she won't be able to participate this time around, but both of us are excited about it.  So: Cover Loving, 1st Edition.

Hopeless Wanderer's Pick:  Old Magic Marianne Curley

Old Magic was one of the first technically "young adult" books I read.  And the only reason I picked it up at the bookstore was because of the cover.  Jarrod is HOT.  And when your fourteen and choosing books at the bookstore, hottness is a massive factor, and Kate was exactly how I imagined her.  Not to mention the bit of a tease in the background, with the castle and the lightening bolt.  I felt like this cover perfectly illustrated the story.  And because I read it, I became a fan of Marianne Curley for life.  Check out her books for some really fun reads.  And buy this cover so you can stare at Jarrod's beautiful face from your nightstand.  And also close the book and sigh every time he says something sweet and endearing. (I was FOURTEEN, stop judging)

New Romantic's Pick: Angelfire Courtney Allison Moulton

Yes, more, more more about Angelfire. What can I say? I'm obsessed--seriously. I actually picked this book up at Barnes and Noble back in February because I was like "whoa! girl with sword, dressed in black; she's gonna kick some ass!" and the other reason, the book called to me. The cover made the synopsis sound even more bad-a. Plus who doesn't like hot reaper boyfriends/fallen angels and girls who can kick serious butt? I know I like it! Angelfire's cover reminds me of a Supernatural (tv show) still. Where girls are aloud to be AWE.SOME! (I say the 3rd book should have Will on the cover! Then I'd sleep with the book next to my face-haha).

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