Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Thursday! - Book Vs. Film

Every Thursday here at TPB we like to mix it up a little bit, instead of a review we're going to take a moment to look at something else involving books.  And this week it's BOOK VS FILM week (dun dun dun!)  This week we're going to be looking at I Am Number Four.  Let's begin with the trailer, shall we?

Hopeless Wanderer's Thoughts

I felt like the film was a really faithful adaptation of the book.  Having said that, I should probably let everyone know that I saw the movie first.  I think this makes a big difference in accordance to how to see the movie.  While reading the book I had the film's characters in my head, and the film's version of Paradise, etc.  I was also able to pick up on a lot of things found in the book that were almost verbatim in the movie.  Although the book, as do all books, had a lot more detail in it, I felt like the movie did the best that it could with the source material.
You definitely see the Michael Bay influence, and some parts of the movie look similar to Transformers and other Bay films.  However, I felt like it was his influence that made this movie so much fun to watch.  Six's entrance is INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, every scene with Teresa Palmer was my favorite.  I felt like she was the PERFECT Six.  The same is said for my feelings on Dianna Agron as Sarah.  In the book Sarah is held up as a such a perfect person, and Dianna Agron really capitalized on that.
Things were sped up in the movie, which I understood. The book takes place over a much longer period of time, and I get that cinematically it would have made the film kind of a bore.  Overall I felt like the film and the book were both great, and they worked really well together.

New Romantic's Thoughts

I too saw the movie before I read the book. And of course with all books turned into movies, the books are 99% always better. However I Am Number Four pretty much tied with both the film and the book. I really, really enjoyed the movie. I mean who wouldn't with Alex Pettyfer in it? He was perfect for Four. And of course after watching the film, I read the book and envisioned everything like how the movie was. That's usually how it goes when I see the movie first. It's true that the book is better, and I enjoyed the extra plot, and detail that the book provided.
I absolutely loved Six played by Teresa Palmer. I love heroines that can kick butt. She was my favorite. And I loved the dog Bernie Kosar in both the movie and the book. Especially in the book. His story is told in more detail in the book. Who wouldn't want a cute dog that can change form as your guardian? Really loved the book and the movie!


  1. Ahhh....Alex Pettyfer; Maybe you should do an Alex Pettyfer "movie vs book week": Beastly, Alex Rider/Stormbreaker... :D

    I loved the movie but didn't read the book because of some controversy over the author's royalty payments but glad to hear that the movie followed the book well! :)

  2. Anonymous11 June, 2012

    Oh my gosh! I didn't even know there was crap going down! I just read an article in The National as soon as you mentioned it though. I hate James Frey with the firey passion of a thousand suns. If I ever saw him in the street I think I would trip and/or bop him one on the nose. What a gross gross dude.

    But yeah, just see the movies and you really don't need to read the books, plus Alex Pettyfer is basically the hottest thing ever :)

    1. I know, kind of a bummer, right...about the whole James Frey thing.

      And yes, Alex Pettyfer is HOTNESS! Well, him and Thor of course. HAHAHA. :D

    2. I'm going to jump in on this conversation only because I read the word 'Thor' and 'hotness' all in one sentence!! :)
      And you know, "Alex Pettyfer movie vs book" idea is brilliant! Seen and read them all!